When will we land on Mars?

Students in our Lab School Virtual Summer Program spent time contemplating this question. In their pursuit of the answer, they learned a lot more about what it takes to get to Mars and eventually live there.

The big question for me is – will this happen in my lifetime? And will this happen in a way that makes it possible for me to actually go to Mars?

Would you go if you could?

For me, the answer is a definite maybe depending.

Though a lack of oxygen should be my biggest hang up about going, it is not. My biggest obstacle to mentally overcome when thinking about a journey to the red planet is the actual trip itself.

If I am going on a long journey through space, I really need to be on board a space craft that more resembles the USS Enterprise rather than a Volkswagen Beetle.

No matter what your thoughts are, it is certainly interesting to consider. And to me, is one more reason why a virtual education can help teach our children some of the precursor skills they will need to live on another planet.

For more about our kids going to space, check out this TedTalk and see what you think!

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