Pet Pics

Who doesn’t love some pet pictures? One of the best parts about working virtually from home is getting to spend time with my pets! Though the down side to this is that my pets think I am their butler and am here to open and close the door for them as often as they like! We have cat door (in a window!) but only one cat (Rosalinn) has figured out how to use it. Everyone else just uses me.

I have two dogs: Grumble (Yellow Lab) and Lubia (German Shepherd), and I have three cats: Myrtle (Tabby), Milo (Ginger), and Rosalinn (Magpie). Lubia and Milo are often found together (as you can see in the pictures). Rosalinn also likes Lubia. Grumble is indifferent to the cats and is very patient with Lubia. Myrtle is the oldest and the ruler of all – everyone has a healthy bit of fear of her as she is quite the assassin.

I know that most of you have pets – I would love to share a few pictures of them here. Send them to me along with a little bio about your pet(s), and I will post them here.