Global Finals, anyone?

Congratulations to the Pioneers of the Future! Their Destination Imagination team came in fifth overall (third in the Instant Challenge) in Saturday’s (April 2nd) competition in Baltimore, Maryland.

Our team members began arriving in DC (those who do not live close by) on Tuesday. They met at the Lab School brick and mortar and got to see each other “in person” for the first time! They spent time putting the final touches on their costumes, sets, and props. They ran through their lines. They practiced an Instant Challenge or two. By Friday, we were ready to go! Or rather, the competition was on Saturday so ready or not, here we come!

Saturday we all met at the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus (go Retrievers!). First up was the Instant Challenge. Now we are sworn to secrecy so cannot tell you what exactly took place during the Instant Challenge, but the Pioneers of the Future placed 3rd overall in this event! Which is even more amazing as when we think back to the first time we tried an Instant Challenge – whoa! We did not like doing this at all! But we kept trying – persistence is key to success! And it really paid off!

Our second and final event was to perform our skit – which had to be about trickster. Enter “Tim, the alien” trickster extraordinaire! But wait, a second secret trickster, Linda, the lamb, entered the scene and tricked Tim! The Pioneers of the Future came up with a wonderful play, and they performed so well especially considering they practiced it in person as a team only twice before the competition! (They practiced a lot virtually. Who says you can’t do AMAZING things in a virtual classroom? Our Global Division has definitely proven that thinking to be not correct when it comes to these kids!)

This year, all Destination Imagination teams have been invited to compete in the Global Finals in Kansas City in May. Our Pioneers of the Future team placed fifth overall which typically would not be high enough to advance (the top three teams advance so we were close!!!) so we are even more excited to have this opportunity!

Stay tuned for more news from the Global Division and our Pioneers of the Future…