Lab Global Launches

This is going to be an exciting week as our Global Division takes a technology leap forward! Hip hip hooray! As with anything new, there will be a learning curve! Some of us will feel frustrated by this technology at first, but I promise it will be worth it!

The first place that we will need you all to start is downloading the Class app onto your child’s main computer (the one they use for school with Lab). Directions can be found here.

We also know that just reading words like, “directions can be found here” or “start downloading the app” can be anxiety producing! While this is stressful, it is also great for our kids to see us doing our life long learning thing! And don’t be afraid to let your child do this, if they are more masterful with tech than you! (This short video will give you a few pointers as well. Passcode: mR8W@G&8)

The plan is to try this out on Tuesday this week! But please do not panic! We will be there with you the whole way and have our Lab Tech Support crew ready to step in at a moment’s notice!

Once we are up and running, we would love to invite our adult friends to try it out too! More on that soon!