When should we use a growth mindset?

Well that is a really easy question to answer! ALWAYS!

This week, we are learning how to use Class. And it is not easy. It is very tricky. We have lots of questions. And we feel like it is a waste of time. We knew how to use Zoom, and it was working well for us. Why switch to something new?

That little internal dialogue that I just threw out there is one that you could hear inside most anyone’s mind at many given points in their lives. Imagine yourself at work – a new initiative is launched! How do you react? How do you feel about it?

Now, fast forward a couple of decades. Imagine your Global Division child at their job. A new initiative is announced. How do they react? How do they feel about it?

We feel that a GROWTH MINDSET is one of the keys that will unlock a limitless future for our students! And the best way to build our growth mindset is to practice!

So while our tendency is to quit or to give up or to go back to the old thing that was easier….let’s agree to build our growth mindset first – especially when the going gets tough!