Return to the Nest Weekend

As we expand and develop our Global Division, one feature I hope we can really build is an annual gathering at the Lab School brick and mortar. This weekend was our first attempt at this, and it was so much fun!
We spent some time at The Lab School main campus on Friday – touring the facilities and meeting with one of Lab’s amazing occupational therapists to think about how to set up our home work spaces. This was followed by a wonderful dinner at Cafe Vino – children at one table, adults at the other. (It helps kids feel so capable when we let them be together without us hovering over their every move.)
On Saturday, we met at Planet Word and worked together to solve a mystery on Lexicon Lane. Whew! It was not easy, but we did it! Then we toured Planet Word – with some of us, me included, getting a bit stuck in the karaoke room. (And thanks, Langston, for putting “All the Single Ladies” on rotation for me – I am married, but I appreciate the gesture 😆.)
Unfortunately, I had to leave while we were still at Planet Word (when we set up this week-end, I didn’t know I would be closing on a house as well), but if I piece together the texts I received, it looks like some time was spent at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, the Kennedy Center, and the Wharf (with some time out to admire a Lamborghini or two).
This week-end further strengthened my belief that virtual education can be done right – which means the benefit of our kids. Creating a community with a strong sense of belonging is one of the key ingredients, and I feel that when it comes to this, our Global Division knocks it out of the park!

Next year, we hope to see more of our global dragons return to the nest….we missed you!

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