Friday Family Fun with MoMath

I know we are always looking for more ways to engage our children and provide them with opportunities to connect what they are learning at school with “the real world” (I kinda don’t like that phrasing because it implies that school is NOT the real world – if so, what is it? But I digress…:)

The National Museum of Mathematics did an amazing pivot when COVID first hit, and they haven’t looked back since! They have some really great activities that you can do with your child – hint hint – sometimes it is playing the game SET together!

Tomorrow’s (10/21) Friday Family Fun (it is FREE and starts at 6:30PM EST) activity sounds super entertaining to me:

“Hand-coloring maps gives us insight into an area of mathematics that has been studied for more than 150 years.  Using colored pencils and specially designed paper templates, learners of all ages will explore mathematical problems that are interesting yet accessible and engaging to all.  If you like coloring and math, give map coloring a try!”

Lou and I were just looking at maps of other worlds together while we worked on our World Building project so this is a timely activity!

If you do attend, let us know what you think! Have FUN!

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