Daily Elective Class

Each school day (M-F), we offer an elective class from 2:30PM to 3:15PM (DC time). This fall is our first time offering this type of class in our virtual program. As you can imagine, we have needed to make some adjustments and tweaks along the way since the first day in order to shape this class into what it feels like you all need and want.

The weekly schedule is pictured below. We will begin sending a monthly experiment to students who regularly participate in Thursday’s class. We will also create accounts in Scratch for students who regularly attend Tuesday’s class. And if there are other materials that we need you to have for any of the classes, we will note that in your child’s weekly update and/or will send those out to you.

Therefore, it is very important that we know who is going to attend regularly. Please be sure to complete the short survey included in this week’s Global Division weekly update (sent to you via Parent Square) so that we can ensure we get the right materials to the right students.

Thanks for helping us learn what works best for you all so that we can partner with you to create a truly wonderful learning environment!

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