Winter Break Game Two

The second game everyone living in the US lower 48 states should have in their possession is Wordical. This card game was sent to everyone in late November. It looks like this:

If you can’t find your child’s physical card game, you can fairly easily make your own by using note cards and dice. There are 108 consonant cards. You will need to decide how many of each letter – the more common the letter, the more of it in the deck. As well you will need to decide how many points each letter is worth. In this case, the more common the letter is in terms of use, the fewer points it is worth (so a T might be worth 1 point while a Z is worth 10 points). You can then use a regular dice for the vowels – just tape over the dots with a, e, i, o, u (you can use “y” or a “free choice” for the 6th spot).

Here is a short video to show you how to play (you can find more detailed ones if you prefer – just search on YouTube)

Why did we choose Wordical to send home? Just like SET, it is an instructional game that can be played by any age and allows humans with all skill sets to engage in play. You can easily make some adaptations to play for children who aren’t as fast in their thinking and/or who have less success with their spelling. For example, you can give each player their own time limits in terms of coming up with a word. Or you can make certain players’ word scores “weighted” so they can double their points. Here is a good review of the game and another way that it can be modified to make fun for everyone!

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