Global Division Assessment and Progress Monitoring

The Lab School of Washington (all divisions) uses a diagnostic prescriptive educational approach. Our Global Division teaching team first assesses each student’s strengths and weaknesses to determine the appropriate course of action. We use a strengths based approach to teaching – we use what our students already as a bridge to the pieces that they need to learn.

To accomplish this, we spend time each day conducting informal, informative assessments – these may be procedures as simple as having a student give a thumbs up for understanding. We also conduct formal assessments three times a year – in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Our Fall and Winter assessments are used to help guide our instruction – where to begin and where to go next. Our Spring assessments help us determine overall growth and are particularly powerful when examined over a period of several years to see how far our students have come.

To better understand our literacy assessments, watch this Reading Video from Lab’s Literacy Director, Melissa Wood. (Passcode:  R=aC*J8Y )

This is the cycle that we use to communicate progress to our families – Fall and Spring conferences are held after Fall and Spring assessments are completed.