Always Activities – Asynchronous Options

If you are looking for some bite-sized learning for your child to do when they are not online with the Global Division, consider trying one of the apps recommended below. You can do so many great math and reading games with a deck of cards if you want to keep it low-tech! And flashcards are great too – you could use our Red Word List to make a set for your child.

Our Global Division students have access to Lexia Core 5 for Reading and IXL for math – we highly recommend adding a few minutes of this to your child’s day four or five times a week, especially on days that there are no Global Division classes or on days that your child has to miss their Global Division classes. There are other options on your child’s Launch Pad (such as Learning Ally) so be sure to use this wonderful resource to your advantage.

Keep it fun, frequent, and a bit fast for the best asynchronous results!

As always, your Global Division Team is here to help!

App Recommendations

Literacy: Teach Your Monster To Read (younger), Sounder and Friends (younger), What Changed? (all ages) Phonics with Phonograms by Logic of English (all ages), Mystery Word Town Spelling (all ages), How Many Syllables (all ages), Learning Ally (all ages – log on through Launch Pad), and Lexia (all ages – log on through Launch Pad).  And of course Learning Ally and EPIC for listening (and possibly reading along).

Math: Mystery Math Town (all ages), Teach Your Monster Math (younger), Prodigy (free version is fine; all ages),Multiplication By Heart by Mathigon (all ages), SET (game – not the daily puzzle but the daily puzzle is good too), IXL (all ages -log on through Launch Pad), and Flow Free (all ages)

Writing: How to Use Voice Typing with Google DocsWrite, Right, Rite series by Jason Reynolds (scroll down the page a bit to get to the links for the video prompts), Video Writing Prompts by John Spencer

Art: Explore “Land Art from Above” and go make some of your own, NGAkids Art ZonePaper by WeTransferHirshorn Kids At Home